Native Tongues

Native Tongues is a bittersweet release for us here at XRA Records. Not only is it brand new music from Alexander the Great, it also marks the final installment in the ATG canon. But, there couldn’t be a more perfect note for these boys to bow out on. Everything here is very ATG; catchy hooks, sincere emotion, complex arrangement, virtuosic playing…The A side is a classic summer love song reminiscent of the Beach Boys “All Summer Long”, or the antithesis to “See You In September”. It’s Easily relatable melancholy, coupled with a perfectly danceable groove. Side B gives us the last two offerings from Alexander the Great. “Svengali” is drenched in enough atmosphere to draw you easily into the perfect half-awake-half-asleep state that it’s understanding requires, and “All Things Lovely”, a curtain call like no other where you can almost hear the swinging, frothy beer steins and imagine the boisterous neck hugging going around the room just before the party draws to a close.

(limited to 200 copies. 7″ includes mp3 download coupon)

Tracklist :
Side A : Native Tongues
Side B : Svengali / All Things Lovely

Native Tongues

Alexander the Great
XRA-032 / 7" Vinyl Single
Nov 22 2011

Out of Print