XRA…it’s ALIVE!!

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a few things to tell, and hint at…

Thing 1 : husband&wife and Sleeping Bag are hitting the road together, starting tomorrow. all the dates and dirty details can be found on the live calendar. if you’ve ever liked or enjoyed having fun, then these shows are the place for you!

Thing 2 : this friday, METAVARI will be performing at Fortissimo, a new concert series sponsored by the Ft. Wayne Philharmonic, WITH the Philharmonic!! it’s really going to be great…someone, please tape it. Clem Snide will also be there.

and, other thing : we’ve got some new releases getting very, very close to the finish line. we’ll be happy to let you know about them, as well as some more exciting label news, as soon as we can…for now, we remain tight lipped. but soon, though….

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