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SURPRISE! New Mike Adams & His Dust Collectors release available NOW

You heard right. Beginning now and lasting only until they’re gone, you can purchase the brand new album I’ll Be Somewhere Listening For My Name from Mike Adams & His Dust Collectors by clicking right here.

Compared to Mike’s previous releases under the Dust Collectors name, this album is more defined, yet more sprawling than ever before. Built up around a found tape loop consisting of a pitched-down coin spinning on a table top, this heavy droning experiment in distorted synthesizers and manipulated vocal improvisations is delivered in one 46 minute piece for a long and slow digestion. No microphones were used in the making of this record.

Each CD-R comes in a beautiful piece of hand-made packaging created specially for housing and presenting this experiment and it’s end result.

Supplies are VERY limited (only 30 hand-numbered copies exist), so act fast.

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ATG on TV!

Mark your calendars! We just received a telegram from Hollywood, California with some big, BIG news…

On April 16, 2012 point your satellite dish, or tune your dial, or direct your web browser to the Oxygen Network’s big time hit television programming sensation “Bad Girls Club” so you can hear Alexander the Great’s tune “Postcard”! (First heard on the XRA Records release “Faces Change”) The song will play sometime during episode #812, “Breakup Breakdown”. It’s sure to be a riveting, explosive nite of television. Please join us and tell all your pals to tune in!

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Bro. Stephen “Tears on Tape” video and Tour Dates!

I want every head bowed, and every eye closed…nobody looking around….Now, who likes music videos? I see that hand. I see those hands! OPEN YOUR EYES! YOUR SALVATION HAS ARRIVED!!

and here it is : Bro. Stephen – Tears on Tape (Official Video)

What’s that? Is there a non-conformist anti-establishment longhair in our midst? What’s that, you say? You don’t care for music videos?! Well, we’ll never understand you, but we love you in spite of your flaws. Here are the Bro. Stephen, LIVE and IN PERSON, tour dates just for you, my longhaired friend!

Have faith :
Feb. 17th | Bloomington, IN @ In-store @ Landlocked w/ Lydia Loveless

Feb. 17th | Bloomington, IN @ Record Release Show at Russian Recording w/ Mike Adams At His Honest Weight and Busman’s Holiday
Feb. 18th | Muncie, IN @ Village Green Records w/ State Park
Feb. 19th | South Bend, IN @ Quincy’s w/ John Davey
Feb. 20th | Grand Rapids, MI @ 815 Watson St SE w/ Fred Thomas (Saturday Looks Good to Me), Nathan K (limited seating! Email for a spot on the guest list)
Feb. 21st | Lansing, MI @ tba w/ Nathan K
Feb. 22nd | Kalamazoo, MI @ No Fun House w/ Glowfriends
Feb. 23rd | Ypsilanti, MI @ Woodruff’s w/ Gun Lake
Feb. 24th | Toledo, OH @ In-store  @ Culture Clash
Feb. 24th | West Lafayette, IN @ Greyhouse
Feb. 25th | Indianapolis, IN @ LUNA Music w/ husband&wife, Rodeo Ruby Love, and Metavari
Feb. 26th | Nashville, TN @ The Dirks’ House w/ Seth Wood
Feb. 27th | St. Louis, MO @ The Heavy Anchor
Feb. 28th | Bowling Green, KY @ tba
March 1st | Springfield, IL @ tba
March 2nd | Peoria, IL @ 2020 House
March 4th | Milwaukee, WI @ Linneman’s w/ Golden Coins, Jay Flash
March 5th | Minneapolis, MN @ tba w/ Kalispell
March 6th | Eau Claire, WI @ The Mouse Trap w/ Kalispell
March 8th | Cincinnati, OH @ MOTR w/ Molly Sullivan
March 9th | Ft. Wayne, IN @ The Dash-In
March 11th | Louisville, KY @ RYE on Market
March 13th | Austin, TX @ SXSW
March 14th | Austin, TX @ SXSW
March 15th | Austin, TX @ SXSW
March 16th | Austin, TX @ SXSW
March 17th | Austin, TX @ SXSW

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Hear two new Bro. Stephen songs!

Our pals over at are streaming two brand new tracks (“Domino” and “Tears on Tape”) from the forthcoming Bro. Stephen album, Baptist Girls!

Listen now, then buy the record, then feel like a million gottdang bucks!

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Happy New Year!

Welcome to the final year of existence! 2012. Wow. All of this build up, all of this progress and innovation, all of human history culminates in one enormous worldwide fireball at the stroke of midnight on 12/21/12. Who knew….

So, I guess we’re just kinda hanging around killing time at this point, all of us. My recommendation would be this: If you HAVE to sit around and anticipate the apocalypse, why not do it listening to the new Bro. Stephen record? After all, it’s very good, and it kind of makes a perfect soundtrack for waiting for the end of time. I mean, at that moment when the Earth’s crust turns inside out I’m sure we’ll all be playing some SUNN O)))) or Zao or something, but until then, Bro. Stephen is ready to sooth us and calm us down while we wait. I mean, we’ve got 11 months to sit idly by and wring our hands. No reason to waste that time worrying and fretting. As for me and my house, we will let Bro. Stephen give us a neck rub until the moon turns to blood and the locusts reign down from on high.

Ok, sorry…enough of that….here’s some real information.
The new Bro. Stephen Record Baptist Girls is out officially on 1/24/12!!
If you preorder it now, though, we’ll send it right away!!
Tour dates are falling into place for Bro. Steve and he’ll be hitting the road hard with his new record beginning in February!!
We’ll be happy to debut the new single/music video very soon!! Just waiting on some finishing touches.

We’re very excited about this record, and a few other things that will be coming up very soon. Feel free to get in touch with us anytime if you have any questions, or just want to chat.

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