Proud Flesh

“With every release, these regrettably overlooked greats prove their bona fides, and Proud is often an awe-inspiring work. If they were from Brooklyn, would they be mega by now? It’s a fair bet.”
The Big Takeover

“husband&wife gets to us…delivering a verse that can boil it all down to the brass tacks and present us with a portrait of a man who, dammit, is doing his best to stay away from the brambles and the scrapes, and to honor his limited breaths and dwindling day”

1. Begone Long One
2. Market Fresh
3. Not Every Bird Can Fly
4. Proud Flesh
5. 6 Little Indians
6. They Should Give You Medicine
7. Extendo Jam
8. Low Profile
9. I Have Been Made Huge
10. Belong Gone One
11. Class War

Proud Flesh

XRA-030 / CD / LP
Sep 21 2010

Out of Print