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XRAfest 3.0

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It’s that time again……XRAfest is upon us!!!

This year is more action-packed and better than ever, for real. Not only are you getting two nights of XRA-ness dribbled down your sweet little chin from the entire XRA roster, there are loads of surprises coming at you, too.

One: Alexander the Great haven’t played a show in almost 4 months. Not locally, not anywhere, and they’ve got a heavenly host of funky new jams to get your butt shaking. I’m really banking on their entire set being a raucous rowdy mess the likes of which has never been seen. And that’s a lot of $5 words, but i’m serious. get ready to party.

Two: Rodeo Ruby Love are playing a bunch of moldy oldies. Fans of Your Love Has Made Everything Beautiful will not be disappointed. In fact, they’re practicing in the other room right now as I type this, and it’s like I’m hearing these songs for the first time all over again. I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS SHOW!

Three: husband&wife are doing an entire set dictated by YOUR requests. Anything goes…If there’s a song from the husband&wife back catalog that you’ve just been dying to hear, simply send a little e-mail to and let us know what it is. it’s JUST that easy. get the requests in quick though, because there isn’t much time left for the dudes to rehearse.

and those are just the surprises we’ve been warned of!

September 24 and 25 are the dates. Russian Recording and the Bishop are the venues. Bloomington, IN is the town, and 8 measly dollars gets you in both nights. (or $5 each if you’re a wimp). There will also be plenty of things happening during the day saturday if you’re coming in from out-of-town. just shoot us an email if you want to hang!

XRA on Insound and Daytrotter

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It’s official! Starting now, a handful of our new releases are available from!

You’re already picking a bunch of stuff up from them, so next time you’re browsing around over there go ahead and throw some Alexander the Great, Doug Burr, husband&wife, Metavari, Rodeo Ruby Love, or Starflyer 59 albums in your cart. It’s just that easy. Or, as always, you can totally get this stuff directly through our mailorder catalog. Either way, YOU win!!

Another bit of exciting news for you non-physical, internet-realm, mp3 download types out there (i’m looking at you, teenagers!)…Every Rodeo Ruby Love album, even the out-of-print ones and never-before-released-as-mp3s ones are available as high quality downloads for real cheap from our friends at

get ‘em while they’re hot!

Starflyer 59 preorders begin now

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We just posted the preorder form for Starflyer 59‘s OLD in the catalog. Get them while you can….

Also, Doug Burr orders are shipping now!

Doug Burr, Starflyer 59, and more…

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Hi Folks,

Bad news first…thanks a million to everyone who has preordered the new Doug Burr album O Ye Devastator so far. Unfortunately, there has actually been more than one printing error made during the production of the album. None of it is our fault, but we still have to suffer the consequences. So, just to let you know, everything should be here no later than next week and all of the orders will be shipping ASAP once all the parts arrive. Thanks for being so patient.

On to the good news! We’re really pleased to (finally) officially announce that we will be releasing the world’s first and only vinyl edition of Starflyer 59‘s classic album Old in August! August 10 to be exact. As many of you know, that’s also the same day as the release of the brand new SF59 album the Changing of the Guard…stayed tuned for more info on how to get both of these new releases as one sweet package deal. The preorder for Old should be up on the catalog page in a couple of days. And on a related note, we have a VERY SMALL number of Old test pressings that are for sale right now until they are gone. If you’re interested in such things, feel free to send $40.59 to via paypal and we’ll get one out to you right away.

More good news! husband&wife recently turned in to us the final mixes for their new album Proud Flesh and it is a real rocker! The mastering date is this Sunday. we’ll try to give you a preview sometime after that, but until then, you can just dream about how great it’s going to be to finally hear this album! Look for an October release date for this one.

Rodeo Ruby Love and Metavari are still on tour, and on opposite ends of the country! try to catch the one that’s closest to you if you can, before it’s too late!

And one last thing…planning has gotten into full-swing for this year’s XRAfest. More info soon, but be prepared to party in September!

IT’S ALIVE!! (preorders, that is)

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Dudes, you gotta check out the catalog page! Starting right now you can preorder both of our brand new summer releases!

First, Rodeo Ruby Love‘s new album, This is Why We Don’t Have Nice Things (6/29/10) is available for a mere $10! If you didn’t catch the album stream at the end of last month, let me tell you what you’re missing. This is without a doubt RRL’s finest work yet. Recorded in Indianapolis by Wes Deboy (Arrah and the Ferns) and mixed in Kansas by Ed Rose (the Get Up Kids, Appleseed Cast, Kill Creek) “…Nice Things” is the most focussed, punchy, polished, high energy, sing-a-long record that Zack and Co. have made yet. And that’s really saying something considering their other records are like the best things ever. Take a listen to “America’s Funniest Home Videos” in the player next door if you don’t believe me. You have two weeks to preorder and receive a special little gift made just for you by the band!

Second, we’re stoked off our nuggets to tell you that you can also now preorder the new LP O Ye Devastator by our friend and Texan Doug Burr, right over there at the “catalog” page. If you don’t know Doug’s music yet (and you will soon!) a lot of names like Tweedy, Kozelek, Jim James, and Bon Iver get tossed around when people are being introduced to him. All fine comparisons, but believe me, especially on this new record, Doug’s definitely got a beautiful brooding melodiousness all his own. If you’d like to see what Doug has to offer before you commit to buying the LP (which also comes with a digital copy of the album) check out this jam packed info page at There’s all kinds of music and great looking video over there that i’m confident will make you want to order this thing album as soon as you can!

That’s all the preorder news we have to offer for now, but the summer is just getting started. We’ll try to be free with as much info as we can regarding the other new stuff coming down the tube….another Starflyer 59 LP, new husband&wife material, an Alexander the Great 7″, AND a Bro. Stephen 7″…we’ll see how much of that we can squeeze out before this year is over. I’ll bet we can do it all! Help us….buy something!

Either/Or on XRA

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It’s official! as of right now you can get the new Either/Or collection, Greatest Hits, Vol. I, available only on i-tunes! Greatest Hits, Vol. I compiles all three limited edition Either/Or albums, all 47 tracks, into one massive onslaught of short bursts of Jimi Mann’s insane personality and quirky songwriting (not song finishing, he doesn’t bother).

In celebration of this digital release, Either/Or is hitting the road this month with husband&wife. here are the dates:

January 14 – Kalamzoo, MI
January 15 – Detroit, MI
January 16 – Lansing, MI
January 17 – Pierceton, IN
January 20 – Bloomington, IN
January 22 – Terre Haute, IN
January 23 – Ft. Wayne, IN
January 24 – Muncie, IN

more info for all of these shows is available on the tour dates page.

also, check this out!

Hear the new Rodeo Ruby Love album…for FREE!

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Two days only: That’s today and tomorrow, our good buddies over at Musical Family Tree will be streaming the brand new Rodeo Ruby Love album This Is Why We Don’t Have Nice Things in it’s entirety…absolutely FREE!

but…..the record doesn’t come out until June 29, why is this happening? is this real life? Yes, it is! RRL is getting ready to hit the road in a major way this summer and the first of their summer shows are happening right here in good ole Indiana, starting tomorrow with a cd release show/party in Indianapolis! Listen to the record, come to the show, buy the record, buy a t-shirt, party til you drop and prepare yourself for the greatest summer of all time!

Cigarette Juice!

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Good news abounds! here we go…..

XRA is very pleased to anounce that we have teamed up with our friends over at Velvet Blue Music and Spune Productions in order to bring you the brand new LP, O Ye Devastator, from TX native and incredible songsmith Doug Burr!  The CD and digital versions of the album will be available May 4th from VBM, with the vinyl version quick on it’s heels right here at XRA. We don’t have an official release date yet for the LP, but that information, along with preorder info for the LP (including a digital download) will be making an appearance here very soon.

In the meantime, check out the single RED, RED from O Ye Devastator that’s tearing up the web right here.

in other news, the brand new Metavari 12″ ep will be arriving this week and shipping as soon as we can get them screened and assemebled. This music is supreme, and only 100 copies exist! (are you kidding me!!?!?) so don’t wait….get them fast. preorder it here.

AND, the new Rodeo Ruby Love album This Is Why We Don’t Have Nice Things will be available for preorder soon. The first single from the album, America’s Funniest Home Videos is circulating the web presently and making some waves. Check it out and get psyched for this record. It’s their best yet…no joke!

Oh! and I almost forgot…one more “more info/preorder coming soon” announcement….We’re super excited to announce that we will be giving Starflyer 59′s classic 2003 album Old the vinyl treatment very soon. Martin, Cloud, Lenz, AND Swift in a trippy rocking floyd-esque haze! What a lineup! it’s looking like August for a release date, but we’ll nail that down soon and make it known.

spooked ya!

New Rodeo Ruby Love Album

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That’s right, folks. Right now it is time to mark your calendars for June 29, 2010. That is the day that Rodeo Ruby Love’s brand new full-length album, This Is Why We Don’t Have Nice Things will be available from us, your favorite record store, and a whole host of internet-based digital music sellers! The new album was recorded in Indianapolis by Wes Deboy (Arrah and the Ferns), and mixed in Kansas by Ed Rose (the Get Up Kids, Appleseed Cast, Kill Creek, Canterbury Effect) and it sounds incredible!

What’s that you say? You’d like to hear a song from this outstanding new album? No problemo! Next Monday (4/5) Indianapolis’ own NUVO will be debuting the album’s lead-off single America’s Funniest Home Videos, and we are absolutely certain that you’re going to be impressed. don’t forget to head over there first thing monday morning and give your ears a thrill.

One more thing…RRL is also hitting the road in a major way in support of this record. in the next few days we’ll be listing TONS of US tour dates, including some first-time west coast dates for Rodeo Ruby Love!

Listen to the single, buy the album, catch a show on tour, have a blast. Doctors Orders!

ATG to appear on UNBELIEVABLE compilation!

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Alexander the Great is all set to WOW you one more time with a brand new track on the forthcoming compilation album It Happened Here available on Record Store Day, April 17 2010, from Russian Recording/Landlocked Music/St. Ives Records. This LP+7″ compilation is limited to a mere 750 copies and boasts this unreal, and exclusive, tracklist:

The Delicious – Something
Maps & Atlases – Pigeon (live)
ROOMS – Radio Ghosts
Magnolia Electric Co. – Rider. Shadow. Wolf. (live)
Tremendous Fucking – We’ve Got Your Daddy
The Entrance Band – Lookout (live)
Prizzy Prizzy Please – Let’s Go to the Zoo
Wovenhand – Kicking Bird (live)
Alexander the Great – Built From the Ground Up
Damien Jurado – Kansas City (live)
Whoa!Tiger – Calm After the Storm
Phosphorescent – South of America (live>

Bonus 7″:
Bonnie “Prince” Billy – Beware Your Only Friend (live)
Lou Barlow – Imagination Blond (live)

Built From the Ground Up was recorded during the sessions for last year’s critically LOVED Faces Change, but has never seen the light of day, until now. Good luck getting your hands on one of these things!

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